This guidance is being issued to state our current policy in the event of the likely disruption which will be caused by the Coronavirus. Wherever possible, we will offer a normal service to all our clients and occupiers of buildings under our management, but there may be issues if some of our staff are affected or if directives are issued from the Government.

Surveyors, Property Manager, Senior Staff, and Partners are equipped for home working and where possible, we will be doing the same for all staff. This is subject to risk assessments and ensuring if staff are using their home computers, that they satisfy our IT requirements.

There is an increased likelihood that hackers will take advantage of the current situation. Surveyors and Property Managers will continue with their usual activities including inspecting properties and attending meetings on site.

If the Government advice suggests it is unwise to do so, this policy will change. If the estimates of a high proportion of the population being affected are accurate, this may have an impact upon service levels and we will issue further guidance as to how our clients and residents in the buildings we manage, may be affected.

Where we rely upon third party providers (maintenance contractors, IT support providers etc.) we are in dialogue with them and we will do all we can to ensure that service levels are maintained. Internal guidance has been issued to all staff.