It is common for clients in residential blocks to be dissatisfied with the services offered by their residential block management company, prompting them to cut ties and seek pastures new.

Splitting from a residential block management company isn’t always a necessity – it’s important not to act hastily. Therefore, if you’re undecided between searching for an alternative company or remaining faithful to your current arrangement, consider the following before making a quickfire decision.

Communication is Key in Residential Block Management

Communication forms the bedrock of a successful partnership between a client and an organisation offering block management.

Ultimately, estate management services are used to keep blocks well-maintained and also ensure that additional help and support can be requested, when necessary. If a company fails to respond to means of communication such as email, telephone calls or social media messages, then they’re not providing a sufficient service.

Granted, there are instances whereby office hours change, for example, during the Christmas holidays. Nonetheless, there should always be an emergency number available whereby you can report an emergency.

Promises Aren’t Made to be Broken

Before signing an agreement with a residential block management company, agreed services should always be outlined; the contract signed before the commencement of services is a commitment from the company that they’ll fulfil the duties outlined within the document.

Unfortunately, there are instances whereby promises are compromised and terms within an original proposal aren’t followed. For example, grass in communal gardens should be cut, while the site should always be cleaned to an acceptable standard. If basics aren’t being completed, agreements are being broken, in which case, consider parting ways and begin sourcing an alternative.

Respect is Imperative

Are you finding yourself picking up rubbish? Tidying up communal areas? Scrubbing stains on the carpets in the hallway?

If so, stop what you’re doing and remember: You’re employing the residential block management company to complete these chores for you – it’s not your responsibility to maintain the block.

A residential block management company is used to ensure that the building is well preserved. If they’re failing to do so, then this doesn’t represent value for money and the company is shirking their responsibilities.

If your firm is happy for you to pick up the pieces whilst continuing to charge for their services, that’s disrespectful, as well as unprofessional and a replacement should be found, immediately.

Regulations are Unnegotiable

Regulations imposed by professional bodies such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) are in place to protect you and your property from mediocre companies.

Here at Scanlans, we adhere to regulatory procedures, as such, we were awarded accreditation from ARMA-Q, a self-regulatory system for ARMA managing agents, a clear indicator of the level of service that company’s offering residential block management should work towards.

Our association with RICS means that we adhere to a strict code of conduct including compliance with the RICS Members Accounts Regulations.

Legitimacy and transparency are core traits that can be attributed to any reputable provider. If you do choose to seek an alternative, ensure that a company has the relevant accreditations to heighten the overall quality of service received.

Sourcing a New Residential Block Management Company

Hopefully, the company currently providing your residential management services doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria, in which case, finding a new company may not necessarily be required.

On the other hand, if a residential block management company isn’t contactable, haven’t sustained their end of the agreements that they’d initially promised or aren’t regulated, then it could be wise to end the relationship and look for another company.

However, with so many options available, how can you re-enter the marketplace safe in the knowledge that your previous unfortunate experience won’t be repeated?

Firstly, research is pivotal – poor candidates can be identified by reading reviews, speaking to colleagues, friends and family, or seeking advice from estate agents, such as Pad Residential in Manchester city centre.

Moreover, it’s often beneficial to make a list of developments that are being managed by a potential candidate; visit the sites and see what they’re like – are they clean? Is there rubbish outside? Has the grass been mowed? Asking these questions will allow you to either pursue an opportunity or rule the possibility out entirely.

Scanlans: Your Ideal Match

Scanlans are an experienced company offering a breadth of services, including residential block management.

We’ve provided clients with estate management services for over twenty-five years, earning a reputation within the market for offering exemplary services.

Such is our experience and acumen gained over a sustained period, we’re able to ensure that our clients’ residential blocks are consistently well-managed and each member of our team epitomises our ethos that all clients are entitled to a service befitting of value for money.

Taking this into consideration, we work arduously to provide stellar service, using independent contractors who are subject to extensive vetting processes. This assures our clients that all required insurances and minimum health and safety requirements are fulfilled before work commences.

Are you changing your residential block management provider? Are you searching for a company renowned within the industry? Call Scanlans on 0161 236 8888 for more information – we’d be delighted to help.