Income generated from property often represents a significant proportion of a person’s earnings. Therefore, sourcing a reputable company who provide fantastic estate management services is essential. If a mediocre business offering sub-standard assistance is chosen, then this can lead to the value of the property depreciating.

Prospective tenants for a property are subject to a thorough screening and credit check before they occupy a residential block. Similarly, it’s essential to apply stringent measures when sourcing estate management services to ensure that a proposed service provider is of the highest calibre.

A range of simple steps should be applied to ensure that you secure reputable estate management services, befitting of your expectations.

Researching Estate Management Services? Remember, It’s Good to Talk…

It’s often said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Therefore, don’t be shy to seek guidance and recommendations from people who have, or who are currently using estate management services.

Seeking confirmation of a company’s credentials will provide you with the opportunity to identify potential candidates during the search for estate management services. Moreover, think outside the box and consult specialists who regularly work alongside management companies, such as building contractors.

While recommendations are useful, it’s important to be thorough when researching a company and ask plenty of questions to ensure that you make an educated final decision: What are the company’s strengths? What are their weaknesses? Additionally, there are circumstances whereby the working relationship may have broken down or experienced some hitches. If so, establish why this was the case.

Every intricate detail is essential – don’t fall foul of poor preparation and be hindered by a company delivering below par estate management services. Reduce the likelihood of this occurring by securing referrals from more than one person; never rely on a solitary testimonial. Although one person may give a ringing endorsement, somebody else may disclose flaws that need to be taken into consideration. Upon gaining multiple opinions, make a decision and act accordingly.

Read Online Recommendations

Testimonials from friends and family is a great source of information when you’re on the hunt for a company specialising in estate management services; they’ll provide a thorough synopsis of their experience and you can ask multiple questions.

Nonetheless, although discussing options with family and friends is advantageous, the internet is the most powerful tool to use whilst looking for ideal management service. Not only does this enable you to conduct further research into companies that may have already been recommended, but there’s also plenty of resources that can be used to identify new candidates.

The searching and vetting process online is quick and efficient, with a variety of information available immediately. Company websites provide insight into core values and mission statements, whilst reviews from previous customers are easily accessible. All providers of estate management services will have some poor reviews from disgruntled residents. This is inevitable and often occurs when the resident has been chased for payment of service charge. This is the job of the estate management services company.

Visit Developments Personally

Conducting visits to properties receiving estate management services from a particular company can be beneficial to dispel any lingering doubts that you may have, before making a decision. You can also ask the estate management services company for details of residents in other blocks who you can approach for a reference.

During your visit, ask tenants what their thoughts are about how the residential block is managed. Try and decipher whether their complaints are promptly addressed; if communal areas are maintained; and if health and safety protocol is abided by. These factors will indicate whether the estate management services are excelling or failing to perform to the expected level.


Scanlans: Esteemed Providers of Estate Management Services

Here at Scanlans, we’re a well-established property management company devoted to providing our clients with excellent estate management services.

Our clients choose Scanlans because of our well-earned reputation; we’re known for continually providing exemplary estate management services. Formed over twenty-five years ago, we liaise with a series of contractors, to ensure that our clients’ residential blocks are well-managed.

Our team of specialist staff share an ethos that all clients should receive a service befitting of value for money. Therefore, we work meticulously to provide a seamless service, using independent contractors who are subject to extensive vetting processes. This provides Scanlans and our clients with the peace of mind that all required insurances and minimum health and safety requirements are fulfilled before work commences.

Such is our high levels of performance, that our client base covers Leeds and the North West,  Yorkshire , The Midlands and Merseyside Customers are provided with twenty-four-hour telephone cover throughout the year to deal with emergencies at their development. Our out of hours support team are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of each development and can contact the designated Property Manager when required.

Scanlans are residential block management specialists offering an extensive range of estate management services. For more information, call a member of the team on 0161 236 8888 – we’d be delighted to help.