Manchester is set for further infrastructure and housing growth

The city is accelerating rapidly with expected growth across housing, the economy, and infrastructure.

It’s expanding everyday with bringing in more students, young professionals and creating a much more diversified economy.

The city’s population has grown by almost 6%, with 65% of students from Manchester Universities choosing to stay on for their careers. For this reason. Manchester’s house price growth is expected to rise by 57% by the end of 2028.

It’s also thought that 200,000 plus new homes are expected to built in Manchester by the end of 2037 due to increasing demand. And by 2025, the city’s population is expected to rise to 644,100.

Ian Stanistreet, partner at Scanlans discussed that it was ‘Great to read about Manchester’s resilience and diversity leading to more growth.’

He then went on to add that ‘For those who know Manchester, this isn’t a surprise. It’s a fantastic city. I have worked here for 40 years and should know’