2020 has arrived and while the new decade marks the beginning of an exciting new era for plenty of corporations, it’s very much a case of business as usual for Scanlans chairman, Ian Stanistreet, as the business seeks to maintain its high standards.

During the last twenty-five years, Ian Stanistreet, together with a fellow partner, Ian Magenis, has played a pivotal role in the ascendency of the company, leading the property management department and contributing significantly to Scanlans’ status as a highly reputable block management company.

It’s been a memorable journey for the Manchester-born businessman since he decided to enter the property sector; from there on in, the business has gone from strength to strength.

“I was a trainee surveyor in 1978 and I had an interest in law, so that particular career had initially appealed to me because it’d allow me to work with the law, as well as property. Things naturally progressed from there, and my subsequent career in properly unfolded.”

Why Have More People Employed a Block Management Company?

A highly experienced practitioner, with an abundance of block management knowledge, Ian Stanistreet has managed an array of properties, and the considerable shift in consumer trends and an increase in demand for block management during the last couple of decades hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“The market has changed because more developments are being built, particularly in the city centre; these newbuilds require the services of a block management company.

“It’s not necessarily a case of people making a conscious, informed decision that they want a block management company – it’s more a case of necessity. This is because more apartments need estate management services, as well as housing developments with shared facilities that need looking after.”

The Development of Block Management

Given his invaluable experience that’s been gained whilst working in the property sector, Ian Stanistreet consistently applies specialist knowledge gained through prolonged first-hand experience, in turn, enhancing the overall standard of services being provided to clients at Scanlans.

As is the case with every area of business, times change affecting the overall standard of practice, for the better. For example, at block management companies such as Scanlans, there have been significant changes that have been introduced that have had a profound impact on how companies operate.

“Now, block management is much more regulated. The agents must adhere to a whole raft of regulations including health and safety, data protection, and anti-money laundering.

“The Internet and popularity of emails have had a profound change in the industry. Nowadays, agents like us need to up our game to ensure that we’re performing to the very best of our ability. If we don’t, we will lose clients.”

In acknowledging the importance of continually “upping their game”, Scanlans’ Chairman reaffirms that the company isn’t the only firm offering block management services to prospective clients. So, what contingencies are put in place to ensure that the seasoned provider continues to differentiate their services from their competitors?

“Of course, we appreciate that there are other companies in the market, but there are USPs that continue to make Scanlans the desirable choice.

“For example, independence is certainly a significant factor. Anybody who decides to deal with Scanlans gets direct access to a partner; we’re a relatively small firm, so we deal with residents regularly – if one of our clients do decide to complain, I’m the named person in our complaint procedure. Therefore, they can deal directly with a partner.”

When dealing with a block management company, it’s pivotal for the client to have peace of mind that they’re working alongside a reputable, trustworthy company who will have their property’s best interests at heart. Scanlans are members of RICS (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), as well as ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents).

“As part of our financial audit, we were accredited with an ‘Outstanding’ rating in terms of financial management. Many firms aren’t members of RICS or ARMA and the client doesn’t know how the company is dealing with their funds.”

Company Collaborations

Throughout his career, Ian Stanistreet and his colleagues have collaborated with other companies to ensure that the optimum potential of Scanlans is being fulfilled.

The company’s open stance on working alongside other companies continues to flourish; in fact, Scanlans have partnered with Pad Residential, a sales and lettings company in Manchester city centre, in a bid to further refine company performance.

“Here at Scanlans, we don’t offer sales and lettings services, but we do manage blocks and thousands of apartments. Similarly, Pad Residential doesn’t offer block management services; we have plenty of contacts who are always on the lookout for a reliable sales and lettings agent and Pad have contacts who require a reliable block management company, so it makes perfect sense for us to collaborate with Pad Residential to provide clients with the services that they need.”

Competition within the property market is fierce, with plenty of companies competing for the attention of prospective clients on the lookout for assistance. However, Ian Stanistreet and Scanlans are well versed in introducing appropriate measures that’ll develop the company, to ensure that the firm stays one step ahead of the competition and maintains its reputation as a prominent block management company.

“In the short-term, we’re going to continue growing; we have a lot of exciting sites coming on board. Moreover, we’ll continue to develop our offices in Manchester, the Midlands and Leeds.

“There are exciting large developments that we’re due to begin working on – large housing estates with external facilities that the residents will benefit from; while that’s very different to managing flats, the same principles apply.”

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