For many city inhabitants, sharing a space in a flat seems quite appealing. However, there are always some sceptics when it comes to upkeep and repairs, which are a major duty of the association or property manager.

Many opportunities for emergency repair and maintenance can be avoided if the property management or association performs routine maintenance on the building and has a well-drafted strategy to carry this out.

In 2021 (the most recent census), 21.7% (5.4 million) of households were in a flat, maisonette or apartment, up from 21.0% (4.9 million) in 2011, resulting in more maintenance services needed for the ever-growing number of residential buildings!

In this guide, we’ll go through the building maintenance services a block property manager should provide.

Why is property maintenance important?

While unanticipated construction problems can occasionally occur (for instance, as a result of severe weather or an odd accident), proactive block maintenance is the best approach to guarantee that your property is a hassle-free, appealing and safe place to live while preserving its value.

A well-thought-out building maintenance service programme could cover everything from routine maintenance of the lifts, security systems, and fire safety features to garden care and routine gutter and drain cleaning, in addition to larger projects like window replacement or external painting.

Expert block management companies use their in-depth knowledge of the properties in their portfolio to create customised maintenance plans and specialist services that cover both urgent property repairs and larger projects that may come up in the future.

Small construction issues, like a loose roof tile or a blocked gutter, can be prevented from growing into larger, more expensive building work over time by being aware of and maintained.

Block property management repairs and maintenance

A block management company is responsible for maintaining all areas of shared space, whether that’s fixing broken lifts or maintaining garden areas.

Preventive property maintenance involves checking carbon monoxide detectors, updating or replacing signs, and doing interior and exterior safety inspections or testing for things like fire alarms and extinguishers.

Here are the most common repairs and maintenance block management are responsible for:

Plumbing and electrical

A well-executed preventative maintenance schedule will lower the number of accidents involving electricity, improve facility safety, minimise expensive equipment failures, and lessen disruptions to operations. Any property must have a well-managed, safe, and reliable electrical system.

There are several reasons why plumbing system maintenance is crucial. It helps in the early detection of issues before they grow significant and costly later on. Maintaining a plumbing system also reduces energy costs and water usage.

For example, a malfunctioning plumbing component may result in financial losses both now and down the road.

As a matter of fact, leaks account for the loss of 2.9bn litres of water a day.

Heating and cooling

Regardless of the kind, your heating and air conditioning system needs to be examined, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. It is ideal to have the air conditioning system tested in the spring and the heating system serviced in the autumn. 

Unquestionably, yearly cleaning and servicing of oil-fired equipment should occur at the start of each heating season.


Residential apartment buildings are susceptible to a variety of structural problems, such as the following:

  • Cracks and settling in the foundation might cause concerns with the structure’s stability.
  • Leaks or missing shingles from the roof can harm the structure of the house and result in water damage inside.
  • Infestations of pests, which can erode the structure and harm the home’s framing and other wood components.
  • Natural disaster damage, including floods and extreme weather.

Regular maintenance and inspections can catch these problems before they turn into dangerous issues which require expensive building repair work.


Interior maintenance could include painting of communal areas and corridors, testing of fire alarms and fire equipment, cleaning and hoovering etc. By keeping the common areas maintained, it not only ensures a safe environment for residents, it also keeps the building looking attractive and welcoming for potential new tenants.


Exterior maintenance will include gardening and tree upkeep in communal gardens, maintaining any car parks and making sure any security gates or cameras are in full working order.

Even though your block management company will often handle garden maintenance, it’s important to review your lease and rental agreement to understand your legal responsibilities.

Emergency maintenance and repairs

In general, a maintenance issue can be classified as an emergency if it poses a risk to the general health and safety of the leaseholders or their guests, or if it has the potential to result in serious property damage or harm. The following lists some of the maintenance issues that are viewed as emergencies.

  • Fires
  • Flooding
  • Unsecured public entrances
  • Complete or partial loss of electrical power
  • Alarms
  • Unserviceable lifts
  • Severe structural flaws, particularly in the walls, masonry, or roof cladding

Block management companies should have a 24 hour emergency contact for emergencies such as the above.

Looking for expert property and maintenance repairs?

It is crucial that maintenance and repairs are done correctly and to the required standards; otherwise, you risk getting into serious difficulties which could put tenants in danger. Thus, the best course of action for you if you are responsible for scheduling upkeep and repairs for your block property is to plan ahead, make an efficient budget, and take initiative.

This is by no means an easy process, though, particularly for new landlords or freeholders who have never managed a residential block before or who lack the patience or time to properly manage their property and fulfil all of the obligations that come with being a property owner.

All of a property manager’s duties are covered by the complete block management services provided by Scanlans Property Management. We have a group of capable and knowledgeable employees who are always accessible to address concerns or questions from tenants.

Our block management services cover everything from insurance and claims to repairs and maintenance, building surveying services, site visits, and more.

For more information about our services, or to get a quote, contact us today.

Building repairs and maintenance FAQs

What is maintenance and repair of a building?

Building maintenance is the work done to maintain the facility’s utility and value while maintaining, restoring, or improving all of the building’s amenities and services, including horticultural operations, to a level that is currently considered acceptable.

What are major repairs of a building?

Major repairs increase an asset’s usable life but come at a high cost. Replacement of a building’s roof, for instance, is regarded as a major repair if it prolongs the structure’s useful life.

What do structural repairs include?

Repairs to the building’s foundation, structural subfloors, columns, beams, and structural sections of the bearing walls and roofs are referred to as structural repairs.