As discussed in the previous blog, there are instances whereby it may be deemed necessary to change your block management company.

It isn’t uncommon for clients in residential blocks to be unhappy with the level of services that they’re being provided, in which case, they may seek an alternative arrangement.

However, if you do decide that a new arrangement is necessary, it’s perhaps a sensible decision to identify a fitting substitute, before parting ways with your current provider.

Recap: Why Do People Replace Their Block Management Company?

There are a variety of reasons why people may consider an alternative business. For example, a lack of communication is often a reason cited, with clients unable to contact their block management company.

Also, when a client signs their contract with a company, this is often based on the premise that certain tasks will be completed. However, there are sometimes times whereby obligations aren’t adhered to and the quality of services on offer are compromised. For instance, communal areas may not be cleaned or grass may not be trimmed.

Reasons such as these can prompt people to switch to a new company.

Things to Consider When Looking for A Block Management Company

There isn’t a fixed definition of what constitutes great service. Nonetheless, some measures can be implemented when beginning your search for a new block management company.

Consider the following to ensure that your new company is providing the best standard of support possible.

Don’t Ignore Testimonials 

When searching for a new block management company, testimonials from sources such as friends and family and people who live in other blocks can prove invaluable.

These analyses can provide a meticulous, honest insight into personal experiences, allowing you to decipher whether or not the company is equipped to fulfil your requirements.

Additionally, the internet is a tool universally used by people who are searching for a provider of residential management services. The internet is home to a breadth of information, enabling you to conduct further research into companies that may have been recommended to you by a friend, colleague, or family member.

Moreover, if one of your options is no longer a viable option, the internet houses there are an abundance of alternatives at the click of a button.

View Current Projects

It’s not unusual for people put their faith in a testimonial, without conducting their research and this decision can sometimes leave a client susceptible to a mediocre block management experience.

Before committing, it’s a worthwhile exercise researching the candidates’ current properties to ensure that the services are up to scratch.

For example, converse with residents and comprehend whether they’ve experienced any difficulties, clarify whether work is completed on time and if communal areas are well maintained. Factors such as these should influence whether the block management company is a desirable option for you.

Word of Mouth

As the adage goes, word of mouth is often the most effective form of advertising. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for help from people who are currently using estate management services; their input could be essential when looking for your own block management company.

Speaking with others will allow you to clarify a company’s capability to perform and offer a high level of service. In circumstances when a company isn’t given a glowing reference, turn this into a positive and disregard them as an option.

Remember that sources of information and advice needn’t be limited to people who are using a block management company. Remember to think outside the box and speak with people who regularly collaborate with management companies, such as building contractors and estate agents.

There’s no doubt that testimonials are useful. However, it’s also crucial to be thorough for the entirety of the research process and consider a company’s strengths, weaknesses and USPs.

While recommendations are useful, it’s important to be thorough when researching a company and ask plenty of questions to ensure that you make an educated final decision: What are the company’s strengths? What are their weaknesses?

Additionally, there are circumstances whereby the working relationship may have broken down or experienced some hitches. If so, establish why this was the case.

Ensure that you don’t overlook any detail when looking for a new block management company; in failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. For example, reduce the likelihood of falling foul of a poor company by sourcing multiple referrals – the more opinions that you can source, the better.

Scanlans: A Proven Block Management Company

Scanlans are a well-established block management company with a wealth of experience within the property sector.

Since forming over twenty-five years ago, we’ve provided our clients with exemplary estate management services, in turn, forming a reputation as a company offering varied estate management services.

Meticulous in our approach, our specialist team continually adhere to an ethos centred on principles of value for money and unrivalled service. For example, we use independent, vetted contractors for our clients, ensuring all required insurances and minimum health and safety requirements are fulfilled.

Have you decided it’s time for a change? If so, Scanlans are residential block management specialists offering an extensive range of estate management services. For more information, call a member of the team on 0161 236 8888 – we’d be delighted to help.