IRPM Setting Standards

IRPM Setting Standards

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) was launched in 2002 and provides a professional qualification in property management available to those working within the industry.

One of the Institute’s aims is to raise standards in property management, as well as to assist property managers by providing opportunities for Continued Professional Development

All of our Property Managers at Scanlan’s Property Manager have an IRPM membership and are actively working to achieve higher levels, or continue their development with other qualifications.

What is IRPM?

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) is a professional body which aims to  set professional standards for residential property management specialists through training and regular assessment of managing agents through the IRPM’s Foundation, Associate and Member Exams. Successfully completing the Associate and Member exams means members can use the designations AIRPM or MIRPM to display their sector professionalism.

IRPM’s mission, vision and values

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) was created to establish the highest professional standards in the management of residential property in the United Kingdom. It provides managing agents with independent accreditation, supplies nationally accredited qualifications and seeks to be the trusted source of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications in the residential property sector. IRPM is a reliable and trustworthy voice that speaks truth to power as an impartial spokesperson for the UK residential property management industry.

IRPM’s vision is to set professional standards, enhance sector professionalism, support the residential property management industry, challenge practices in the industry if appropriate or necessary, and deliver accredited qualifications to UK residential property management professionals.

IRPM Membership Levels & Exams

The most common route to gaining full IRPM qualification is to move through 3 levels. These are Affiliate, Associate (AIRPM), Member (MIRPM).

To move through to the next level, you will need to take, and pass exams. If you are just entering the industry it can take 4 years to go from Affiliate to member. If everything goes to plan.

IRPM Foundation Exam

All new applicants join as an Affiliate. You must complete 15 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) every year.

This is the first exam you can take after you have joined the IRPM as an affiliate. This is the first stepping stone to becoming a fully-fledged member.

You can take this exam online; it just consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. You have to answer within 60 minutes.

Affiliates agree to adhere to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and to pursue a career through the Institute.

IRPM Affiliates have no post-nominal letters and carry no voting rights within the Institute.

Associate Exam – AIRPM Meaning

If you have been an affiliate for a year and have passed the foundation exam you are eligible to take the associate exam.

This exam cannot be taken online. Normally, it’s taken in a supervised environment. It has a set duration of 1 hour 30 minutes. The exam is based around your experience in the sector and content within the IRPM foundation course.

If you pass the Associate Exam, Affiliates are offered an upgrade to Associate.

Current IRPM Associates may use the post nominal letters AIRPM.

Member Exam – MIRPM Meaning

If you have 3 years’ experience and are an associate you are eligible to have the member exam. On passing the Member Exam, Associates are offered an upgrade to Member.

Current IRPM Members may use the post nominal letters MIRPM.

Fellow (FIRPM)

There is no exam to attain this membership level. The status is discretionary and awarded by the IRPM Board of Directors. It’s normally given to members with ten or more years’ current, relevant experience in residential property management.

They must also be able to demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution to the development of the sector over and above that made to their own business or employer.

Our commitment to IRPM membership for our Property Members ensures that we are always up to date on industry standards, and continually looking to develop are team to offer the best service and standards possible.

You can find out more about the IRPM on their website

IRPM Qualification Costs

If you meet the requirements and pass the relevant exams to move into a new membership level your cost of membership will change. A breakdown of costs can be seen below. Full a full breakdown and membership requirements you can visits the IRPMs membership page.

  • Associate (AIRPM) Membership: £150
    Member (MIRPM) Membership: £180
    Fellow (FIRPM) Membership: £195

You should also be aware that any new applicants will be required to pay an entry fee of £85.00.