There is a deluge of companies offering block management services, yet while there are many people who use a block management company, there is often a lack of explanation and/or confusion regarding the accountabilities of a block management company.

Responsibilities of a Block Management Company

Scanlans is a block management company with a breadth of experience and we offer exemplary service for sites in major UK cities. We acknowledge that the simplest mistake can lead to serious legal ramifications, therefore, we meticulously apply legal obligations within every step of our practise to protect the best interests of both ourselves and our clients.

We’ve gained years of experience and are recognised as a company offering excellent block management services and consider the following managing a block.

Is the Correct Insurance Policy in Place?

When using the services of a block management company is being used, owners residing in the building often pay a service charge. This fee contributes to the overall cost of buildings insurance for the whole block.

When setting up a new policy, an insurance company must have the correct information about how the property is being used. For example, an insurance company needs to be aware of how many flats are occupied by an owner and how many have been rented out to a tenant. Disclosure of this information will ensure that the right type of cover is in place.

Are the Lease Terms Being Enforced?

Every leaseholder in a block must comply with the terms of their lease. Similarly, it’s important that an agreement clearly states the consequences if the terms of a lease are compromised.

For instance, following the emergence of apps such as Airbnb, subletting has emerged as a common issue for owners.

If lease terms aren’t followed, it’s important to remind the occupant of their responsibilities and take action, where appropriate.

Remember: Lease Terms Vary

A block management company will rarely find themselves in a scenario whereby every occupant living in a block has identical lease terms. Therefore, a service provider must familiarise themselves with the lease terms of each occupant.

Not only will provide clarity on what each occupant has permission to do, but also inform any potential breach of a lease and indicate what services a manager is obliged to provide for a resident.

Is the Building Compliant with Fire Safety?

For a block management company, the safety of the residents is paramount. Therefore, it’s fundamental to arrange thorough fire safety inspections and risk assessments in areas such as communal zones. Moreover, checks must be completed to make sure that fire extinguishers and alarms are operating properly, while fire doors must be accessible at all times.

Instead of conducting these checks independently, it’s important to always enlist the help of a professional fire safety representative who’ll be able to identify any areas that don’t comply with regulations.

Carry Out Regular Inspections

Clients are left unsatisfied with their block management company when inspections aren’t completed.

Therefore, a provider of services must fulfil their responsibilities and schedule inspections regularly.

A company offering block management must be sure to inspect communal areas, the areas within the building, as well as the outside grounds. In doing so, any areas for improvement can be identified, facilitating the opportunity to provide optimum levels of service for clients.

Always Apply Stringent Health and Safety Measures

A block management company is responsible for ensuring that the site that they’re managing complies with health and safety law and regulations.

To ensure that the block is safe and to reduce the likelihood of liability for any accidents that may occur, it’s recommended that any works are completed by professional, approved contractors who’ll ensure that any faults are repaired properly.

Always Keep Thorough Records

It’s not uncommon for recipients of block management services to challenge a block management company; they may insist that works haven’t been completed, that an outstanding invoice has been paid, or that an inspection hasn’t taken place.

To safeguard against any miscommunication or misunderstanding, it’s wise to keep a record of any works that have been completed, in which case, these can then be presented to the client, if needed.

Scanlans: A Distinguished Block Management Company

Here at Scanlans, we’ve been offering block management services for over twenty-five years. Therefore, we’re fully aware of the laws and regulations that need to be applied to offer stellar service to our clients.

A regulated company, Scanlans are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) and operate under their strict codes of practice.

Irrespective of an increase in new firms offering management services, an influx of leaseholders continues to choose our company, due to our thorough understanding of the legal elements that must be applied to deliver consistently high levels of service.

Are you on the hunt for a block management company that you can trust? Call the Scanlans team on 0161 236 8888 to speak with a member of our specialist team.

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