Maintaining consistently high standards within a residential block is essential and finding the right provider can be time-consuming and demanding. Therefore, many seek help from a residential block management service is paramount to ensuring a well-run development.

Apart from making sure all the services are delivered properly, the managing agent also needs to ensure compliance with the ever-increasing legal and statutory requirements placed on management companies.

Residential Block Management Services

There are a variety of services provided by residential block management companies; these vary as per the requirements of each individual building.

Typical residential block management services include:

• The organisation of contractors to complete essential on-site work, such as; gardening, disposal of waste and rubbish, lift repairs, cleaning, maintenance of hallways, maintenance of communal areas;

• Arranging Buildings Insurance;

• Ensuring that the terms of the lease are complied with;

• Fulfilling health and safety requirements;

• Regular site inspections;

• Ensuring compliance with statutory and legal obligations, guaranteeing that the site complies with any updates in the law;

• Preparation of annual budgets and reconciliations.

Here at Scanlans Property Management, we provide bespoke residential block management. We manage developments with a whole range of services and facilities from the usual lifts, door entry systems etc to Play Areas and Leisure Centres. Many of our sites have on-site staff. The service is tailored to meet the individual needs of each block.

In providing our residential block management service, we are devoted to providing an optimum level of service for all of our clients.

Scanlans Property Management: An Established Property Management Company

With the number of residential blocks increasing, particularly within city-centre locations, the benefits and importance of residential block management are being acknowledged on a wider scale. Therefore, appointing a property management company with a comprehensive understanding of the market is essential. The Government has talked about regulating the residential block management sector. We are already regulated and see this as being essential when appointing a managing agent.

Scanlans Property Management has amassed one-hundred and sixty years of experience in the property sector, during which time, we have consistently incorporated our in-depth, extensive knowledge of the market, to ensure that our clients are provided with exemplary service.

A company built on foundations of professionalism, dependability and proactivity; Scanlans Property Management has founded a reputation as stellar providers of residential block management. Currently, we manage more than three-hundred developments throughout the North West, Yorkshire and The Midlands.

Scanlans: Pioneering Residential Block Management Suppliers

Here at Scanlans Property Management, we’ve gained years of invaluable experience within the property field. Our systems and procedures have enabled us to successfully manage some of the most complex developments in the market.

However, we’re not resting on our laurels and enjoying past successes. Rather, we strive to fulfil future triumphs and set new heights. Therefore, we’ve combined the expert knowledge amongst our team of qualified staff and partners with modern technology, to offer support not widely available amongst competing managing agents.

The members of the Scanlans team has access to a bespoke property management system (QUBE). This allows us to constantly monitor all matters relating to the developments we manage, including the tracking of all reactive and proactive repairs and maintenance.

Moreover, our clients have access to My Scanlans, a dedicated portal providing secure online access to various information relating to the property and allowing access to their service charge account.

Our Specialist Support and Services

Scanlans are proud members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as well as the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) – we’re also ARMA-Q accredited, a self-regulatory regime introduced in 2014. This accreditation was introduced to raise standards of leasehold management across the sector and offer safeguards for leaseholders.

Membership of these organisations provides a high level of support and regulation, which is of benefit to the Partners, staff and clients of Scanlans Property Management. We’re also regulated by the FCA in the conduct of insurance business.

Scanlans Consultant Surveyors offers a bespoke Building Surveying Service to the properties we manage, providing a comprehensive service at a competitive rate.

Financial Protection and Guidance 

Scanlans Property Management is dedicated to safeguarding the funds of each of our clients.

Given our status as members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), we’re obliged to adhere to the RICS Members’ Accounts Regulations.

Therefore, the funds for each of our clients are held in client accounts. Money is protected by the RICS Clients’ Money Protection scheme; following the completion of the last audit conducted by the RICS, Scanlans was rated as Outstanding, an indicator of our commitment to excellence.

Most leases require that there is a Reserve Fund to cover the cost of future cyclical maintenance and major works. We advise our clients to commission a fully costed Planned Maintenance Programme to ensure that the funds set aside are sufficient to match anticipated expenditure.

Scanlans implement efficient systems for the collection of service charge and can produce regular reports to our clients tailored to their specifications. A dedicated Property Manager ensures that all clients receive value for money in the provision of services.

Additionally, our year-end and budgeting procedures ensure absolute transparency over the budgetary process.

Why Are Scanlans the Right Company for You?

There are many companies offering residential block management.

Nonetheless, Scanlans Property Management is unique in that we recognise the importance of providing a bespoke, attentive service for each of our clients; irrespective of property size, we take pride in each development.

Scanlans Property Management set high standards, as such, our specialist team are readily contactable to deal with any issues that arise. A 24 emergency call out service comes as standard. We assign clients with a dedicated Property Manager and support team.

While some companies offering residential block management adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ stance, we’re advocates of incorporating a flexible, proactive approach. This enables us to tailor our services to the client’s specific needs.

Scanlans Property Management has a prevailing work-based philosophy, centred on transparency and honesty. We don’t include any hidden charges, operate with a fixed management fee, and funds are protected in client accounts.

Call Scanlans Property Management on 0161 236 8888 to arrange a free consultation with a member of our experienced team and discover the benefits of residential block management – we’d be delighted to help.