This is a residential development of 78 apartments, constructed in 2001.

Over a number of years, concerns were raised with regard to the apartment windows and the fact that a number had dropped and were allowing water penetration.

Initial claims to the NHBC were rejected and the leaseholders were left with the potential of having to raise a levy in excess of £80,000 in order to undertake the works themselves.

The potential of funding legal action against either the NHBC or the developer, was prohibitive.

At Scanlans we understood the dilemma faced by the leaseholders and undertook an appeal against the initial determination by the NHBC.

After two further refusals by the NHBC the leaseholders are pleased to confirm that the claim has now been agreed and it is anticipated that a programme of works, funded by the NHBC, will commence in 2014.

Without the intervention of the experienced staff at Scanlans, this could not have happened.