Many responsibilities must be fulfilled to successfully maintain the standards within a block of flats or apartments. The delivery of high-quality property management services is an essential part of ensuring that residents are satisfied.

Therefore, it’s not unusual for a block management company to be sourced, to provide a breadth of estate management services to ensure that residents can live in comfortable surroundings befitting of their expectations.

A service charge is payable by any occupant living within any leasehold block, with the charges used for a variety of services, including onsite management and conservation of communal areas etc.

Why Is a Block Management Company Popular?

There are a variety of tasks that need to be completed when managing a development; it’s difficult to complete the responsibilities to a high standard without enlisting the help of a specialist firm who are specialists within the field.

While the services available may alternate depending on which company is used, many reputable providers of specialist property management services will be able to provide comprehensive guidance and support to mitigate the workload on-site.

There are a range of essential services offered by a block management company to ensure that the living conditions within a development are exemplary.

Cleaning of Public Areas and Shared Common Areas

A block management company ensures that shared areas such as entrance halls, corridors and stairs are well maintained.

Moreover, there are sometimes shared areas within developments where occupants can socialise with other residents. When estate management services are used, the block management company providing management services will ensure that these areas are kept clean and comfortable.

On-Site Security

Residential blocks are often fitted with on-site technology to ensure that the development is safe at all times. Often, extensive CCTV systems and security doors are used to offer maximum security and to prevent non-residents from entering the building without gaining permission from the concierge or a resident.

Nevertheless, there are times when systems experience minor faults and need to be repaired. In these circumstances, a block management company can arrange for repairs to be made quickly, with firms often equipped with an extensive inventory of trusted, skilled contractors who can be contacted to perform tasks without inconvenience.


There are sometimes instances whereby some occupants may have mobility issues, in which case, they rely heavily on some design features to access different areas of the building.

For example, features such as automatic sliding doors provide greater access for tenants with disabilities or limited mobility. Nevertheless, as is the case with security systems, there are instances whereby faults may occur and a block management company’s list of approved contractors can fix any issues quickly.

Additionally, lifts are installed throughout the majority of developments to reduce the need for using stairs.

It’s important that these amenities are well-maintained, with a proportion of occupants often reliant on lifts to access different areas of the building. If a fault did occur, then this could be reported to a residential block management company who would then arrange for the relevant works to be completed promptly.

Conservation of On-Site Gardens

On-site gardens are often popular areas within a development. It can be expected that any maintenance of these areas will be completed as part of their services covered by maintenance costs.

Residential block management companies must ensure that the areas are mowed, kept tidy and are in a condition that won’t inhibit the satisfaction of those living at the site.

Health and Safety

Health and safety compliance are arguably the most important obligations of any block management company.

Scanlans are a Manchester-based block management company, with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, with our team applying their diverse knowledge and skills whilst managing sites throughout the UK with consummate professionalism.

Equipped with over twenty-five years of priceless experience, Scanlans are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) and operate under their strict codes of practice to ensure that all health and safety regulations are abided by.

The high-standards in place here at Scanlans were recognised in January 2015, when Scanlans achieved ARMA-Q accreditation. ARMA-Q is a self-regulatory regime for ARMA managing agents and highlights our commitment to raising standards and offering the best customer service within the residential leasehold sector.

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