More than just a fun method to get people out of their homes, resident events can be very beneficial. They foster the sense of neighbourhood camaraderie that makes locals smile and collaborate. We also believe that communities that play together stay together (think increased resident retention).

Greater resident satisfaction, which can help your renewal rate, results from greater resident engagement for activities. When your residents gather together for community events and see how much your management staff genuinely cares about them, the planning that goes into a resident appreciation event will be worth its weight in gold to property managers.

Ideas for resident events should encourage residents to come out of their shells. In the end, this generates enthusiasm and raises participation. When a site team puts time and effort into an event, it demonstrates to their inhabitants that they care about raising the standard of living in the neighbourhood.

As well as the everyday tasks of a property manager, holding events and encouraging residents to come together brings a great sense of community spirit to your apartment block.

Here are some fun and unique property management resident event idea to bring your apartment block residents together!

Why host resident events?

Better relationships

Giving your community members satisfying experiences encourages connections between them and your management team. Residents may feel more comfortable approaching management to report problems or raise concerns early on if they feel connected to the staff.

Improves resident well-being

Community is valued by locals more than ever. Hosting neighbourhood events is therefore crucial to encouraging your tenants to consider their flat to be their home. A proven approach to create a genuine sense of resident pleasure is to tailor the kinds of events at your multifamily property to the interests and demands of your resident community. When you invite residents to your events you should consider the needs of every single individual.

Marketing campaigns

Apartment resident events can be used to advertise your neighbourhood to potential residents through social media and conventional marketing, in addition to gratifying your current apartment communities! To accurately portray how pleased new residents will be once they move in, take some images of your community events once you have been given permission to share them.

Resident retention

Residents who enjoy living in their apartments  are frequently more likely to have their leases renewed and to become model tenants, which includes paying rent on time, respecting their surroundings, and being considerate of their neighbours and the management.

9 apartment resident event ideas

1.    Community garden

A community garden requires some planning but will benefit your neighbourhood for many years. Specify a location for a garden and suggest that a resident or staff member take the initiative. Your community can even use the vegetables for their upcoming gathering, making it rewarding for both youngsters and adults. Your residents will benefit from their efforts season after season, as well as making your apartment block more eco-friendly.

2.    Dinner parties

Bring a private chef to your apartment property to provide your residents a carefully designed meal experience. These kinds of eating occasions are more common than ever and can be a wonderful way for a property manager to make their apartment block residents feel special.

3.    Fitness classes

Give your residents a fun and active activity to do after a food-related event. Hold a yoga, Zumba, or other type of exercise class that is educational. Encourage the creation of a resident-led, weekly group if you find high involvement.

4.    Christmas movie night

This is a really easy way to please young residents whilst giving parents and families the night off! Lay out the blankets and pop some popcorn; this will be a resident event that your neighbourhood will never forget. Play a classic Christmas film on a screen you can rent or hang. On the lawn, under the stars, everyone will have a lovely time watching the film together. Just make sure the movie you choose is suitable for children.

5.    Local food trucks

An amazing option for an apartment complex to host a celebration without worrying about catering is through the use of food trucks. It’s also a fantastic way to expose brand-new residents to the customs, traditions, and culinary delights of their new community, as well as forge good relationships with local businesses.

Invite the top local food trucks to set up shop in your neighbourhood. Make a voucher, play some music, and give out samples from each truck to the locals. You might even make a straightforward scorecard so that locals may choose their favourites. Create a trophy and name a winning food truck. Just be sure to plan your parking in advance. You don’t want your neighbours to be irate over the difficulty of accessing the visitor car park.

6.    Book club

What begins as an apartment-wide event frequently develops into a community institution. Residents could choose a book to read and meet once a month to discuss it. For various age groups or book selections, you can hold separate clubs.

7.    Networking events

All of the talented professionals we know reside in your town can be brought together at a networking event. It’s also a great approach to encourage conversation among generations. A step further would be, if locals need career guidance, send in a career expert.

8.    Community car boot sale

Residents can sell the goods they no longer need while mingling with their neighbours. Donate any leftover things to a nearby charity at the end of the day. This is an excellent way to organise a positive resident event.

9.    Quiz nights

Invite trivia teams, and offer tempting rewards to draw locals. Choose your themes, then set up team tables with snacks and beverages. The best areas to start are with movies, sports, entertainment, and history. Select a charismatic host, name a DJ, and find out who has what it takes to win. It’s a crowd favourite and among the simplest resident event concepts to execute.

Looking For an Expert Block Management Company?

Whether you’re holding your community’s first event or have a site team full of event pros, these suggestions will energise your folks. Start adding events to your calendar for each season and age range.

Create an event log and monitor resident participation. This will enable you to determine which activities were successful and which will need additional preparation for the following year. In either case, keeping your community members interested in your next event will give it life.

At Scanlans Property Management, we provide thorough block management services that encompass all of a property manager’s obligations, enabling you to hold your resident events without a hitch! We have a group of skilled and informed employees that are always available to address any concerns or questions from tenants.

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