The distinction between full-service property management and the services you get from a business that might not give its clients a full-service experience is something that many owners and prospective clients frequently ask about.

We encourage you to recognise the benefits of having a comprehensive and all-inclusive list of management services. You want to ensure that everything will be taken care of when you entrust a competent business with managing your apartment building, from maintenance issues and marketing to rent collection and keeping up to date with your gas safety certificate.

Although there are many different types of property management, full-service property managers may assist with all facets of the industry. It also includes marketing, legal safeguards, and tenant management.

Full-service property management has many advantages that are well worth the cost.

What to expect from a full property management service?

1.    Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for a structure like a residential block. A management business can easily handle the difficulty of managing the scale of maintenance of a building, such as a residential block. Multiple issues that may develop simultaneously cannot be handled properly by a single person or by a group of three to four persons. Block property management services are prepared to handle both routine and emergency repairs.

2.    Budget management

Every routine duty involved in managing a residential complex has a set budget assigned to it. If everything is not organised and maintained consistently, it may be challenging to stay within that budget. In this situation, a block management business streamlines the procedure. Every task has a budget assigned to it, and it is carried out in accordance with that budget.

3.    Building insurance

Insurance guidelines must be properly adhered to. It is essential that the block has insurance coverage. The block management businesses are skilled at handling insurance-related issues and ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch.

The block management business makes sure that the block owner(s) do not have to endure significant delays if and when the insurance must be claimed. They also have teams that are knowledgeable about any potential legal issues.

4.    Cleaning

Cleaning of the building’s common areas is the responsibility of the property manager. For that, they typically use contractors. It includes clearing out the waste and cleaning the common areas. In order for a residential block to function smoothly and effectively, cleaning is an issue that is no less significant in the maintenance of such a site.

5.    Health and Safety Management

A residential block is no different from any other building when it comes to safety concerns. The block management business specifies and upholds the safety measures inside the building. A full management service must guarantee the building’s and its residents’ safety in the event of any emergency, like a fire.

6.    Contractors

The contractors who deal in the relevant services are given the responsibility of providing all the commodities in a residential building. These contractors are employed by the block management organisations, who also handle any legal disputes and all other contractor-related matters. The service fee owed to the block management businesses includes all of that.

Who would require a fully managed service?

Few landlords have no choice but to hire a property management company to take care of their assets if they reside a long way from the rental property. The choice is less clear-cut for landlords who live close to their rental properties, though time-strapped landlords may decide to pay for a full property management service to save themselves the hassle of having to deal with any concerns and maintenance issues during the tenancy when they inevitably arise.

Tenants who own their leasehold and are part of a collective enfranchisement would also benefit from a full management service as expert property managers can advise and take the responsibility off their shoulders.

Looking for full property management services?

Residential block management services are our area of expertise at Scanlans Property Management.

We take pleasure in our reputation for offering a high-quality, dependable service, and our services are tailored to fit the unique demands of apartment buildings.

We can make sure that your block is managed smoothly and effectively because we have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with all facets of block property management.

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Full service property management FAQs

What does full property management include?

A property manager who offers a full management service will take care of every part of your building, including rent collecting, maintenance needs, and compliance with vital and constantly evolving lettings legislation.

What are block management companies responsible for?

A block management business is in charge of maintaining all communal facilities, including gardens and servicing malfunctioning elevators. It’s crucial that you select a block management business with quick reaction times. Make sure that any work that needs to be done is done by reliable contractors.

Who appoints a property management company?

A person or specialised business is designated as a property managing agent to administer a property on behalf of the freeholder, landlord, right to manage company, or residents’ management company (RMC).

Block property management refers to the property management operations involved in managing a building of apartments.