The 10 Best Places to Rent in Birmingham 2022

Locating a place to rent in Birmingham isn’t always simple. Whether it’s a studio apartment or a multi-bedroom flat, looking for the ideal location to live that meets all of your requirements can be difficult.

Nobody wants to move into a neighbourhood where there are no amenities, poor recreational options, lack of transportation links, or where the crime rate is high.

Fortunately, if you’re moving to the frenzied industrial metropolis of the West Midlands, we can assist you in finding the greatest rentals in Birmingham in 2022.

Renting can be a struggle from start to finish. From numerous viewings to getting good value for money, it can feel like an endless, uphill battle. But at Scanlans we’ve got years of experience working in and around Birmingham, so we’ve studied the region’s most popular residential areas and selected five of the finest. Our choices are based on four factors: affordability, accessibility, amenities, and public transportation connections.

Why Rent in Birmingham?

Birmingham, being the second-largest city in England after London, has a lot to offer. It attracts visitors from all corners of the world, as well as people from different nations and ages throughout the United Kingdom. Birmingham is located near the centre of the country, which makes it an ideal site for business connections – no wonder then that it has the second strongest economy in England (correct at time of writing).

Birmingham may be a predominantly industrial city with job openings often available in key industries such as production and manufacturing, logistics and distribution, business services sector, public and health, financial and insurance sectors, but many of its residential areas offer plentiful green spaces and cultural attractions like the Birmingham museum.

Transport links are often in walking distance, and there are schools and kindergartens aplenty. Once the sun goes down, the city has plenty to offer in the form of excellent nightlife and an array of Michelin starred restaurants (which are only secondary to London’s amount!). There are also city three high quality universities, like the highly praised Birmingham City University for students looking for the best place to get their higher education.

And on top of all this: Rent is 50% cheaper than it is in London. Though the average salary is less than London prices (at around £22,000 as of the time of writing), a caveat of the city is that the residents in Birmingham often spend around 20% less on food items and utility bills when compared to London.

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Best Areas To Live in Birmingham


Bournville, a small model town in the suburbs of Birmingham, is rated as one of the most beautiful places to live in the United Kingdom. Bournville’s community spirit has continued since its creation by chocolate magnate and philanthropist John Cadbury in 1900, but that’s not all there is to love about it.

Though the Cadbury factory and Cadbury world are located in Bournville, it’s also home to The Carillon, a musical instrument constructed of bells which are played from a baton keyboard. The Carillon is only one of 15 left in the entire country and has the longest serving carillonneur who was awarded for his services in 2018. Outside of its culture, Bournville has a hidden recreation ground which dates to Roman times, an array of green sprawling parks, and a unique “dry village” status. Only one one newsagents in the town sells alcohol, making it one of the most tee-total places in the United Kingdom!

Though rental options very rarely appear in Bournville, the prices do vary. Modernised, or more central properties start at around £1,2000pcm, whilst smaller properties on the outskirts of the town often begin at £800pcm.


Situated alongside the canal, Brindleyplace has established itself as one of Birmingham’s most desirable places for young professionals to live, socialise and work. Packed full of quality bars and restaurants, and with international conglomerates such as Deloitte and Deutsche Bank being situated in the town, it’s quickly growing as one of the must-be spots in Birmingham. Watch carefully as the city comes alive in the evening with hoards of young professionals flocking to the canal to enjoy cocktails by the water.

However, because the area is home to young professionals working for large companies, rental prices reflect this. Prices begin £800pcm for flats in Brindleyplace, but can rise to as much as £2,000pcm.


Edgbaston, the birthplace of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and home to one of Birmingham’s wealthiest communities, has long been one of the city’s more affluent suburbs. Today, it remains one of Birmingham’s most popular residential areas and it’s not hard to see why with a diverse range of attractions on offer. You can watch an English test march at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, play 18 holes-in-one at Edgbaston Golf Course, stroll around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens or Cannon Hill Park, or savour a Michelin-starred meal at Simpsons.

And despite its affluence, rental prices aren’t as out-of-budget as you might think. One bedroom flats on the outskirts of the town start at £450pcm, whilst the more spacious, luxurious and central apartments begin to £1,475pcm.


According to the town’s slogan, Solihull has long claimed that it is one of the best places to live and work in England. And it just might be right: an energetic “evening economy” of cinemas, theatres and restaurants is perfectly balanced with excellently rated primary and secondary schools which makes it a truly desirable destination for families. Close proximity to Resorts World – Birmingham’s biggest entertainment complex with bars, restaurants, and designer shopping – is another perk.

You’ll find fair prices on rental accommodation across Solihull too, with prices beginning at £795pcm.

Best Places to Rent in Birmingham

We’ve based the following on budget friendly prices in places with good work opportunities, school and transport links, as well as plenty of cultural and leisure activities. You can also catch up on our best places to rent in Leeds, where we gave a similar list!

Birmingham city centre

The beating heart of the West Midlands’. The diverse city centre attracts people from all over the world looking for retail therapy with big name stores like Selfridges, Hugo Boss, and Apple all in residence. If shopping’s not for you, Real Birmingham offers free tours of the city while Birmingham Museum & Gallery has a huge collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings—more than any other place in the world.

But when it comes to renting, Birmingham city centre is great for anyone, whether that be student accommodation or private housing. Students can find prices starting at £300pcm for a room, whilst families or young professionals using private accommodation will see an average rental price of £725pcm.


Digbeth is known as ‘Baby Berlin’ because of its abundance of artists, innovative entrepreneurs, dynamic food trucks, baristas and bar staff who continue to give it a distinct personality. Digbeth may be on the verge of exploding into life as more companies, investors, and residents focus their attention here in the coming decade, thanks to several large-scale regeneration projects.

Some of the most popular attractions in Digbeth include The Custard Factory, which is a hub for creativity and innovation; The Rainbow Venues, which offer some of the best nightlife in Birmingham; and Digbeth Dining Club, a street food market that has become a firm favourite with locals.

Prices start from £750pcm, but with a growing community and large-scale regeneration projects on the horizon, we’d expect to only see these prices rise in line with house prices, so it’s well worth making the move now.


This suburban hamlet exudes a sense of peace and quiet, and is situated just far enough from the city centre to be convenient. Harborne’s restaurants punch well above their weight for its size, with neighbourhood eateries like Harborne Kitchen and The Plough pub welcoming visitors from all across the city. If you’re searching for a way to push yourself or unwind, look no further than the £12m Harborne Pool and Fitness Centre which boasts state of the art facilities. Whether you’re stepping into the pool or taking a fitness class, this is the perfect place to de-stress.

With great school and transport links it’s an ideal place for families. Prices start from £495 on single bed flats, but can rise to £980-£1,200pcm for those needing a bit more room.

Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is a Mecca for the UK’s jewellery industry, with over 500 jewellery businesses and 200 listed buildings. Residential regeneration projects, such as St. Paul’s Square’ s beautiful gardens, have helped to make this an ideal living area in recent years. The lively independent pub scene of the Jewellery Quarter (1000 Trades, Button Factory, The Clifden and others ) also contributes to the popularity of this area with young professionals in Birmingham.

Despite recent regeneration projects and the areas burgeoning popularity, prices are affordable for any budget. Rental prices on one to two bedroom flats begin at anywhere from £500-850pcm, but more luxurious and modernised apartments can start from £1,000pcm upwards.

Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield, officially known as The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, is the most affluent constituency in Birmingham. This suburb’s most expensive home has a price tag of £7.5 million, making it Birmingham’s most expensive property also! But despite its luxury the greatest attraction in Sutton Coldfield and Four Oaks is its stunning park that spans 2,418 acres. The park has bike paths and a lake, helping to provide much-needed greenery in the city’s concrete jungle.

If you’re looking for a break from Birmingham’s hustle and bustle, Sutton Coldfield is the perfect place to get away and there’s something for everyone despite its affluent appearance. The average price for a one bed flats is anywhere between £500-625pcm, whilst three bedroom properties begin at £1,100pcm.

Best Buy-to-Let Birmingham Options

At Scanlans, we’re an experienced property management company who cater for both residents and landlords, so it’s only right that we list the best buy-to-let options currently available for landlords in Birmingham too.

Birmingham is experiencing a real estate boom, driven largely by the ‘Big City Plan’ that began with the Bullring. A large number of revitalisation projects are transforming major sections of the city, prompting more and more people to relocate for the chances available. This has highlighted a wide range of Birmingham Buy-to-Let investment property in key areas of the city, all of which are projecting high-growth potential as demand escalates.

When we talk about the ‘best’ locations to invest in Birmingham, we consider a number of important investor criteria. While some of these are self-evident, it’s crucial to have clear notion of what constitutes a good Buy-to-Let investment before continuing. We look for the following:

  • Property Price Growth
  • Rental Yields
  • Tenant Demand
  • Regeneration
  • Transport Links

This allows us to build a complete picture of an area’s Buy-to-Let performance.

With this in mind, we’re looking at the best Birmingham buy-to-let property to invest in in 2022, and why investors all around the world should be thinking about Birmingham property as a high-end asset for their portfolio.

Birmingham city centre

With rental yields of 5.2%, an average Property Price of £223,378 and property growth of 47.88% over the last decade, Birmingham city centre is the most in-demand its ever been.

Over the last year, Birmingham’s city centre has made tremendous strides in many of its major regeneration programs. Work on the HS2 terminus station at Curzon Street has begun, while Paradise and Arena Central are nearing completion.

The Midlands Metro Extension is now complete, with service commencement from Grand Central to the Jewellery Quarter and beyond. And by this time next year, it’s expected that work on the Broad Street line will be completed.

Birmingham’s rates of development are only one element of the overall price growth in Buy-to-Let property investments. Prices have increased by 44% over the last decade, yet Birmingham is still a bargain, with lower initial investment and above-average rental yields.

The city centre, as you would expect, continues to be a great example of Buy-to-Let investment property in Birmingham, bolstered by a busy business district that is attracting interest from young professionals—the core demographic for the broader rental market.


Erdington has enjoyed rental yields of 5%, an average Property Price of £179,256, and property growth pf 47.89% over the last 10 years.

Erdington is one of the most affordable areas on our list, with a median house price of £74,500. With around 23,000 inhabitants and plenty of services and easy access to the city center, it’s an excellent location for investors looking for longevity.

Erdington is one of Birmingham’s most rapidly improving neighbourhoods, and it has seen a number of infrastructure improvements over the years, including a £7.5 million leisure centre. In terms of transport connections, this area is especially well-connected, with a train station and links to the M6 and Birmingham Airport. This makes it attractive to renters who don’t want to live in the city centre but still need to work there or commute out of town.

Erdington is one of our best tipped prospects for investment in Birmingham in 2022, as it provides an accessible entry point into the market and has tremendous growth ahead.

Jewellery quarter

The Jewellery quarter boasts rental yields of 4%, an average property price of £210,083 and property growth of 49.10% over the last 10 years.

The Jewellery Quarter, which is the city’s oldest and most architecturally interesting area, is still an attractive investment option. The Jewellery Quarter, which offers a “village atmosphere” without sacrificing convenience or access to amenities, continues to be a haven for young professionals seeking rental housing.

Property values have increased by 28% in the last three years, and houses near the Jewellery Quarter Station are among the most expensive. It’s a major source of demand for the area as a key transportation link for this side of town with bank Nationwide predicting that any property within 500m of a train station could fetch a premium of 9.4 percent.

Jewellery Quarter properties, with a range of deluxe conversion and loft apartments as well as comfy townhouses, are still some of the finest Buy-to-Let investments in Birmingham. Expect an increase in demand from professionals in the city seeking to live near to work due to the increasing number of digital enterprises moving into the area.

Work with the right property company

At Scanlans Property Management we work alongside landlords and residents to provide an array of vital services that ensure the smooth running of any rental accommodation, such as block property management.

Whether you’re a landlord looking to purchase a buy-to-let property in the area, or you’re a resident looking to move into your first apartment and you’re in need of a reliable property company – we can help.

With over 25 years of experience working across Birmingham and the North East, we’re bound to be able to lend trusted and expert assistance. View our services to find out more.